Andrine Lemieux, Ph.D.

Andrine Lemieux is a PhD scientist studying the interrelationship between stress and addiction at the Behavioral Medicine Laboratories (BML) in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. Dr.

Lemieux began her work with the BML through the publication of a review of the effects of khat on appetite.

Dr. Lemieux considers it an honor to have collaborated on a number of grants and projects across Africa including studies of adolescent and adult stress and cannabis use (Morocco), adverse life experiences and a variety of health and substance use outcomes (Tunisia), severe mental illness and khat use (Kenya), and khat use during pregnancy (Ethiopia).

In addition to AMECA, she is an active member of the Women and Addiction special interest group of AMECA and Program Director for the Minnesota chapter of AMECA.

2021-2022 AMECA Seminar Series